Sms / Good Morning

Kashif Yaqoob

Morrnig Tea For U I Mixd It .

Morrnig c("")/ Teä "" För ü I Mixd it With "LOVE" "CARE" "BEST WISHES" "HAPPINESS" Büt There is Nö "SUGAR" Bcöz I Knöw U R Sö "SWEET" GΘΘD MORRNIG.

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Sms / Good Morning

Kashif Yaqoob

Happy Subhu

Happy Subhu ; ; ; ; ; ;
c("""") c("""")
Special coffee
1 Mery Liye Or
2sri B Mery Liye
Åap utho or
Äpni Banå K Piyo.
*Good Morning*
Have A Good sundy

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Sms / Quotes

Maleeha Bukhari

Once You Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it's hard to go back to sleep.

-Fran Drescher

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Sms / Rajnikanth Jokes


Rajnikanth makes coffee by grinding beans with his teeth and boiling milk with his anger.

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Cold Coffee

Ek din ek Sardaar apni bivi ko lekar coffee shope jata he aur do hot coffee order karta he,jab waiter coffee le ata he to sardaar apni biv se kheta he ke jaldi jaldi coffe pii,bivi puchti he ke kyu jaldi jaldi piu???to sardaar kehta he aree bewakuf bahaar board nahi para kya?? usper likha tha hot coffe 5rupees and cold coffee 10 rupees

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Nomination paper
Posted by fayyaz karimi
Posted on : Oct 11, 2015

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