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Qaisar Mahmood


An application to the head master in panjabi

Guzarish hai k mera hun school aan no ji nahi karda
Tusi bachyan v alag kar dityan ne tey saddi class vich ik v kori naji haigi
Tay madam v koi khas patakha nahi
Hor nahi te kuj kam aaliyan hi sonyan rakh lo
Bari meherbani
Tuadda faithfull
shear with me ur sms
It,s Malik House

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Obaidullah Khan

Can U Understand It

Dil karta hai us ki lelon
zulfon ki hawa
Par main kiya karon mera uthta nahi
Qadam us k ghar ki taraf
Maine us k andar dala
Etmaad apne pyar ka
Us ne kaha thora or dalo
Etmaad apne pyar ka
us ki bohout tang thi
Ami mujse
Mera bohout lamba tha
share with me ur sms
It,s Malik House

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Hafiz Mehran


We?ve known each other by CHANCE,
became friends by CHOICE,
still friends by DECISION.
And when we say FRIEND FOREVER,
that?s definitely a lifetime PROMISE

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Zahid Mahmood

3 Types Of People

There are 3 basic types of people in the world:
1. Those who can count.

2. Those who can--t.

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Samreen Qaisar

Kicking A Can

You are so poor . . .
When you were kicking a can, your friend came by and asked what you were doing. You said you were moving!

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Sana Dimple

Inflatable Girlfriend

A woman who is tired of having a guy hit on her says, Look ... I--m sorry, but I--m just not your type. I--m not inflatable

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Hina Raheel


When I was born, the doctor took one look at my face, turned me over and said, Look ... twins!
--- Rodney Dangerfield

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Fatima Zehra


Whats the Differece between an elephant and a flea? A elephant can have fleas but fleas can't have elephants

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Asfand Yar


Smile is a bird

Who flies Frm
face to face..

May ur lips
Give it a better nest
so that..
It may stay there


share MmS/SmS/funny plzZzZ

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Shama Qadir

Mere Makhna

O mere makhna
meno yaad rakhna
har vely hasna,
Koe problem howy ty dasna,
kise hor nal na phasna,
bus mere nal vasna

O mere makhna
Kaisa hy ye sms zaror dasna

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Mai Paida Kaise Hua?
Posted by noor bukhari
Posted on : Sep 03, 2018

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