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Farah Gulzar

From : Pakistan
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Whatsapp Messages / Hug Your Boss Day

Farah Gulzar

If You Love And Respect Your Boss, Your Subordinates Would Also Love And Respect You.

If you love and respect your boss, your subordinates would also love and respect you.

Happy Hug Your Boss Day!

· 1 Like · Oct 31, 2014 at 21:10
Category: Hug-Your-Boss-Day
Whatsapp Messages / Love

Farah Gulzar

I Luv My Eyes When U Look Into Them; I Luv My Name When U Sa...

I luv my eyes when u look into them; I luv my name when u say it; I luv my heart when u luv it; I luv my life when you are in it.

· 0 Like · Oct 18, 2014 at 05:10
Category: Love
Sms / Love

Farah Gulzar


He whose hand is clasped in friendship cannot throw mud.

Choose your friends carefully, your enemies choose you.

Two lives, two hearts joined together in friendship united forever in love.

· 1 Like · Oct 15, 2014 at 14:10
Category: love
Whatsapp Messages / Funny

Farah Gulzar

A Brain Walks Into A Bar And Says, "i'll Have A Pint Of Beer...

A brain walks into a bar and says, "I'll have a pint of beer please". "The barman looks at him and says, "Sorry, I can't serve you." "Why not?", asks the brain. The barman retorts, "Because you're already out of your head."

· 0 Like · Oct 14, 2014 at 18:10
Category: Funny
Wallpapers / Flowers

Farah Gulzar

Bug Blossom

Flowers wallpapers

· 0 Like · Oct 13, 2014 at 16:10
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Whatsapp Messages / Guru Amar Das Ji Birthday

Farah Gulzar

He Took Up Cudgels Of Spirituality To Fight Against Caste Restrictions, Caste Prejudices And The Curse Of Untouchability.

He took up cudgels of spirituality to fight against caste restrictions, caste prejudices and the curse of untouchability.

He strengthened the tradition of the free kitchen, Guru Ka Langar (started by Guru Nanak), and made His disciples, whether rich or poor, whether high-born or low-born in the Hindu caste system, have their meals together sitting in one place.

He introduced the Anand Karaj marriage ceremony for the Sikhs.

He also completely abolished the custom of 'Sati' and 'Purdah', amongst the Sikhs.

May Guru Amar Das Ji bless you on his birthday!

Happy Gurpurab!

· 0 Like · Oct 13, 2014 at 03:10
Category: Guru-Amar-Das-Ji-Birthday
Whatsapp Messages / Santabanta

Farah Gulzar

Pappu: Dad, What's A Hermaphrodite?

Pappu: Dad, what's a hermaphrodite?

Santa: I don't know, son, but ask your mother, he'll know!

· 0 Like · Oct 12, 2014 at 13:10
Category: SantaBanta
Sms / Sardar

Farah Gulzar

Sayana Sardar

1 sardar ne apne gahar 3 sweeming pool banwaye.dost ko dikhane k lie gahar bulaya.dost ne poocha sardar g 3 talaab kiun banaye hen?sardar bola 1 tallab main thanda pani he jis ka dil thande pane se nahane ko kare wo is main nahaye doosre talaab main garam pani he jo garm se nahana chahe is main nahaye.dost bola sardar g ye teesra talaab kiun khali he?sardar bola oh g kise da nahan nun nai v g kar da.//.balle balle.,,..,[shoaib iqbal] cell#

· 2 Like · Sep 29, 2014 at 17:09
Category: sardar
Wallpapers / Digital Universe

Farah Gulzar

Nasa Hubble Spacescape

Digital Universe wallpapers

· 0 Like · Sep 04, 2014 at 15:09
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Baatein / Ammi Ji Ki Baatein

Farah Gulzar

Logo Ko Dunia Ke Gham Marte Hain

logo ko dunia ke gham marte hain mujhe apni aulaad ne gham de de ka mar dena hai

· 1 Like · Sep 03, 2014 at 19:09
Category: ammi-ji-ki-baatein
Gallery / Funny Photos

Farah Gulzar

U R So Hot Baby

· 0 Like · Jun 23, 2014 at 21:06
Category: funny-photos
Gallery / Funny Photos

Farah Gulzar

Lol Right

· 0 Like · May 26, 2014 at 20:05
Category: funny-photos
Fashion / Mehandi Designs

Farah Gulzar

Bridal Mehndi Design

· 0 Like · Apr 12, 2014 at 14:04
Category: mehandi-designs
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Farah Gulzar

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