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Kashif Qureshi

Once Banta Singh goes to dinner with his friends.Just to have some fun one of his friends ask--s Banta, How many Idlis can you eat when your stomach is empty?. For which Banta answers promptly - 8 idlis. His friends laugh at him and say,nobody can eat 8 idlis when their stomach is empty because when they eat the first idli their stomach would no longer be empty.
Banta enjoys the joke very much and as soon as he comes home calls his wife and asks, How many idlis can you eat when your stomach is empty?. She replies - 5 idlis.
Hearing this answer Banta gets furious and replies, You fool! Had you said --8 idlis-- I would have told you a good joke!

· 1 Like · Apr 27, 2015 at 05:04
Category: santa-banta

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