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Amina Noor

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Jokes / Miya Aur Biwi

Amina Noor

Wife Bhi Ajeeb Hoti Hai.

Wife Bhi Ajeeb Hoti Hai:

Wife: Main Iss Dress Mein Moti Lag Rahi Hoon Na ? ?

Husband (Mazaq Me): Haan
Wife: Hainnn ! Waqai Moti Lag Rahi Hoon ? ? ?

Husband: Nahi Nahi Mazaq Ker Raha Tha

Wife: Nahi Sach Batao Lag Rahi Hoon Na ... ?

Husband: Haan ...

Wife: Koii Nahi ...

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Category: miya-aur-biwi
Jokes / Miscellaneous

Amina Noor

Uff Marte- Marte bacha hu.

Boy:"Aaj accident hua,uff
Marte- Marte bacha hu..
Dad:"Tumhari hi galti hogi..
Maa:"Beta thik to ho na.. ??
Sis:"Bhai kahi chot to nahi aayi.. ??
Bro:"Yaar dhayan se chalayakar..
Lover:"Tumhe mera Jara bhi khayal
Ohh shit yaar..TEHRVI ke Laddu Milte-
Milte reh gaye...

Moral:"Dost hote hi kamine hai..

Thoko LIKE for Kaminey friends..

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Category: miscellaneous
Jokes / Miscellaneous

Amina Noor

4 Guys 1 From Harvard 1 From Oxford, 1 Texas And Sardar From Punjab University


4 Guys
... 1 TEXAS &


1 Common Question...

What Is Da Fastest Thing In World?
OXF: Light
HRVD: Thought
TEXAS: Blink Of An Eye

Sardar: Loose Motions

Bcoz Last Night I Was Lying On My Bed & B4 I Could “Blink”, “Think” Or “Turn On Da Lights”,

It Was All Over.!!!

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Poetry / General

Amina Noor

Na Dil Ko Lagaaty , Na Heraan Hote

Na Dil Ko Lagaatay , Na Heraan Hotay

Kaash Hum Mohabbat Say Anjaan Hotay

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Category: general
Poetry / General

Amina Noor

Sirf Ik Baar

sirf ik baar apnay honton se mujhe apna kehdo
phir mehfil mein raqeebon ka tamasha dekho

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Category: general
Jokes / Miscellaneous

Amina Noor

Buhut Hay

Once A paki and one Amarican and one chinies and a russian and one Afgani was in a ship leaving for afirca on the way that all wish to impress each each other . At once the amarican Throw an misile in sea dnsad OHH we have A lot (buhut hay Buhut hay)chinies threw his watch and said we have a lot no problem (buhut hay ) the russian threw and GUN ak 56 and said oohhh we have a lot (buhut hay) the afgani threw a water melon and sat Buhut hay buhut hay ... The paki was in trouble but suddunly he push afgani and threw him to sea ans said buhut hay buhut HAY....

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Category: miscellaneous
Social Wall / Photos

Amina Noor

Baaz Oqaat Kisi Aur Ke Milne Se Adam,

Baaz oqaat kisi aur ke milne se adam,Apni hasti sa mulaqat bhi ho jaati hai..! GOOD MORNING!

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Poetry / 0

Amina Noor

Kaha... Us Ne..

kaha usne bharoosa dil pe itna nahi karte .
kaha me ne mohabbat me kabi socha nahi karte

kaha us ne khush rang duniya k nazaray hain.
kaha me ne jab tum ho paas,hum kuch dekha nahi karte

kaha us ne main tum se door hon lekin tumhare paas hon
kaha main ne sapno se dil ko behlaya nahi karte.

kaha us ne tumhari chahat tumhe ruswa kar de gi.
kaha main ne shorat se ghabraya nahi karte

kaha usne samjh jao meri jaan samjh jao.
kaha main ne dewano ko samjaya nahi karte

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Sms / Love

Amina Noor

Friendship Is Not A Game To Play

Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn--t start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.

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Category: love

Amina Noor

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