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Bushra Shah

There waz a man who use do a big bad smelly phart in the morning,and as ussual his wife use 2 say ""that some day everythng will come out"" one morning his wife woke up earlier and she wnt down in the kitchen to bake roasted chiken ..but the chiken waz all burnt she said wat 2 do ...2 throw it........or?So, after 15mintues there waz a loud phart and suddenly a loud yell frm upstairs of her husband...he came running n yelling and said 2 her wife....""oye! u wre saying rite that ik din sada everything will come out,and it came out.......i wont do the PAAD again"".......PHAAARTTT!!!!!oops sry!!

· 1 Like · Aug 25, 2018 at 10:08
Category: miscellaneous
Funny Animals Standing
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Feb 19, 2018

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