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If Bill Gates marries Madhuri Dixit; these could be the caption in Newspapers:
* Bill goes Dhak-Dhak! * English Babu Desi Mem. * Brain marries Beauty!? * Windows ke peechhe kya hai? Windows ke peechhe....!? Ooo Windows mein Bill hai mera... * The next version of Windows will be Windows MD. * Microsoft Mouse V/S Madhuri - the cat. * Relax guys! they--ll only go for a virtual honeymoon. * Bill to count his millions & billions in EK, DO, TEEN.. * Gate for Bill, Windows for M.F.Hussain * Mera Bill ghar aaya O Hussainji, Mera... * Mera bill bhee kitna pagal hai... * Bill Will, Gates Wates... Main kya jaanu re... !

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