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Shahbaz Ishaq

If my t0mOr0w never c0ms,
Im s0ry,
f0r al the mean thngs I might hav said..
Im s0ry,
f0r al the thngs I did 0r didnt d0..
Im s0ry,
If I ever ign0red u..
Im s0ry,
If I ever made u feel bad 0r put u d0wn..
Im S0ry,
If I ever th0t I was bigger 0r better than u..
Im S0ry,
f0r everything wr0ng I?ve ever d0ne..
Im writing this bec0z wat if my t0m0r0w never c0mes?
Wat if I never get a chance t0 say gudbye or wat if I never get to say SoRy!?

· 1 Like · Apr 07, 2012 at 19:04
Category: sorry

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