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Nasir Alam

? People fall in luv not knowing why or how. It--s so special a feeling that it doesn--t require much answers. U just luv no matter how stupid u become.

? I knew I loved you when I realized that there was no one else I would rather laugh, cry and make memories with. Luv U!

? Loving, knowing that you are going to get hurt is like living knowing that you are going to die. But not loving so you don--t get hurt is like killing yourself before you die.

? Giving someone all ur luv is never an assurance that they--ll luv u back! Don--t expect luv in return; just wait for it to grow in their hearts. But if it doesn--t, be content it grew in urs.

? I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

? Love is falling asleep dreaming of the one that makes you smile and waking up smiling about the one u dream of.

? When I--m away from u, I--m still with u. When my eyes are closed, I could still c u. When I--m awake, I still dream of u. When I feel I have everything, I still need u & no matter what, I--ll always luv u.

? Love comes to those who still hope even though they--ve been disappointed; to those who still believe even though they--ve been betrayed; to those who still need love even though they--ve been hurt before.

? I don--t know why I--m so afraid to lose u when u r not even mine. I don--t know why I luv u so when u don--t even luv me. I don--t know why u r the one when I--m just a someone to u.

? As I feel the tear go down my cheek,
I notice that my heart is weak,
For the love I have for you,
Will always be gold and true,
I have made some mistakes, they rest in the past,
But know my love will always last,
Even though we are a distance apart,
You always have the key to my heart.


· 2 Like · Jan 22, 2015 at 01:01
Category: love

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