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Once there was a smoker.Once a man asked him.
Man:excuse me sir !
Smoker:yes please
Man:Sir ! do you smoke ?
Man:sir!how much cigirates you smoke per day ?
Smoker:Hmmmmm almost 10.
Man:and how much one cigirate costs?
Smoker:2 Rs
Man:ohhhh sir ! it means you smoke Rs 20 per day.and you smokes Rs 600 per month and it means you smoke rs 7200 per year ok ??
smoker:well yes
Man:From how many years r u smoking ?
Smoker:Hmmm well from 25 years
Man:ohhh sir it means if you was not a smoker you will be the owner of a big building ok???
smoker:well leave it tell me do you smoke?
Smoker:ok than how many buildings you own?
man:none sir!
Smoker:ok ! then go to hell . I smoke and i am the owner of 2 buildings

· 1 Like · Apr 17, 2007 at 02:04
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