Whatsapp Messages / Guru Amar Das Ji Birthday

Usaman Khan

Guru Amar Das Ji Is Credited With Promoting The Idea That The Body Is The Temple Of God And Should Be Kept Healthy.

Guru Amar Das Ji is credited with promoting the idea that the body is the temple of God and should be kept healthy.

May the divine Guru bless you with good health at all times!

Happy Gurpurab!

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Category: Guru-Amar-Das-Ji-Birthday
Whatsapp Messages / Guru Amar Das Ji Birthday

Farah Gulzar

He Took Up Cudgels Of Spirituality To Fight Against Caste Restrictions, Caste Prejudices And The Curse Of Untouchability.

He took up cudgels of spirituality to fight against caste restrictions, caste prejudices and the curse of untouchability.

He strengthened the tradition of the free kitchen, Guru Ka Langar (started by Guru Nanak), and made His disciples, whether rich or poor, whether high-born or low-born in the Hindu caste system, have their meals together sitting in one place.

He introduced the Anand Karaj marriage ceremony for the Sikhs.

He also completely abolished the custom of 'Sati' and 'Purdah', amongst the Sikhs.

May Guru Amar Das Ji bless you on his birthday!

Happy Gurpurab!

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Category: Guru-Amar-Das-Ji-Birthday
Sumbal Iqbal
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : May 03, 2018

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