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Faiz Ahmed Khan

Let Us All Pledge That This 26 January Be The Last Republic Day For The People Of India Where We Are:

Let us all pledge that this 26 January be the last Republic Day for the people of India where we are:

Made to suffocate due to corruption;

Taxed for the luxuries of the rulers;

Discriminated because of caste, colour or creed.

Let's participate actively in the elections to make India once again "Sone ke Chidiya'!

Happy Republic Day!

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Category: 26-January
Whatsapp Messages / 26 January

Anam Lateef

The Roots Of Violence:

The Roots of Violence:

Wealth without work;

Pleasure without conscience;

Knowledge without character;

Commerce without morality;

Science without humanity;

Worship without sacrifice;;

And politics without principles.

Happy Republic Day!

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Category: 26-January
Whatsapp Messages / 26 January

Abdul Qadeer

Vande Mataram:

Vande Mataram:

Mother, I salute thee!

Rich with thy hurrying streams,

bright with orchard gleams,

Cool with thy winds of delight,

Dark fields waving Mother of might,

Mother free.

~ Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Happy 26 January!

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Category: 26-January
Dhyan se DekHo aur Btao.
Posted by waseem awan malik
Posted on : Sep 06, 2015

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