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Nasir Alam

Student From : Pakistan
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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Nasir Alam

Prove That2/10=2!

Prove that
American students
Wrong question.
... !
British student:
It cant be done. Math error
australian student:
It''s strange, how is it possible?
Pakistani student:
Two/ Ten = wo / en
T se T cancel.
(in a,b,c
w= 23rd letter,
o= 15th letter,
e= 5th letter
n= 14th letter)
=23+15/ 5+14
=38 / 19
We never ask ...
Ans kia hai?we only ask,
Ans Kia lay kr ana hai?
Dedicated to all Pakistani students...:D

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Nasir Alam

Happy Defence Day

HapPy dEfEncE DaY :-) 6Sep ,1965 kEh uN JaWaaN sHOh''Daaaaa kOh SaLaaaaaM JiNhOoN Ny aPpni JaaaN Ki qUrbaNi dY kR HmaRy mUlK kO BcHaaYa:-):-) SalaaM PAK ARMY:-)''

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Nasir Alam

Fruit Chat

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Nasir Alam


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Nasir Alam

Maa Ka Saaya

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Nasir Alam

Damaged Hair

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Sms / Missing You

Nasir Alam


The prime Minister of China called President Bush to console him
after the
attack on the Pentagon: I--m sorry to hear about theattack. It is a
big tragedy.
But in case you are missing any documents from the Pentagon, we have
copies of everything.

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Sms / Santa Banta

Nasir Alam


Banta and Santa buy one race horse each after learning about big money in racing. Says Banta, How do we identify which horse is mine and which one is yours? Santa Singh replies, I will cut the tail of my horse and so the horse without a tail will be mine and the one with a tail will be yours. So they cut the tail of the horse. But in the night their naughty kids cut the tail of the other horse too. And the next day Banta Singh is worried and says, I will cut one of the ears of my horse so the horse with one ear will be mine and the other one will be yours. The next night the kids cut the other horses ears too. And so it goes on until the horses lost their ears, eyes, had broken noses etc. And in the end both horses were left only with bare legs and were just barely living. Both Santa and Banta were frustrated. At last Banta says, BAHUT HO GAYA. SAFED WALA GHORA MERA, KALA WALA TERA

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Sms / Miss You

Nasir Alam

Sum Funny Smsz ;)

If u want success in life; be Sweet like Honey, Regular like Clock, Fresh like Rose, Soft like Tissue, Strong like Rock, Sure like Death & smart like ME.

? Sometime my mind asks why I miss you? Why I care for you? Why I remember you? Then my heart answers it--s simply because mental patient needs more care.

? Q: What--s the difference between gud & bad gals? A: Gud gals loosen a few buttons when its hot, bad gals make it hot by loosening a few buttons!

? If I ever go for a brain transplant I?d like 2 use ur brain. It--s not because u r a genius. I would only like a brain that has never been used.

? Can I go to the theatre? Asks a mosquito to her mother.
Yes, but be aware, pay attention during the applause.

? Q: Why do men fart more often than women?
A: Because women do not keep their mouth shut long enough to build up the pressure.

? Namaskar. This is All India Anti -Sleep Association Mid Night Service. Our Aim is 2 Disturb the Sleep of Others. Thank You.

? A Guy picks up a girl for the date. Why are u wearing ur belt around ur knee.?
Girl: I promised my mom that I wouldn--t let you touch me below my belt.

? Tussi brilliant, beautiful, genius, smart, nice, gud looking, intelligent, respectful, kind, ideal sohne sunakhe Punjabi gabru da sms par rahe ho.

? When you get this SMS, send it to 1 person u love, 1 u hate, 1 u always think of and 1 u wish to kill. Now, keep guessing why I sent it to u.

My goal is to be a failure! If I reach my goal, I--ll be successful and if I don--t reach my goal, I--ll still be successful.

? Beauty is not how you look, it is not how handsome you are, it is not your figure too, beauty is the inner self, so change your underwear daily.

? Jab tum hanstey ho to lagta hai ki insaan pehle bandar tha!
Dekho gussa mat karo kyonki jab tum gussa karte ho to lagta hai ki insaan aaj bhi bandar hai.

? Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine, into your brain and that--s where you get your shitty ideas from!

? Consequences of American life style: The wife rushed into house screaming 2 her husband, Darling, Come quick! Ur kids n my kids r beating our kids.

? Yamraj ne ek ladke ki jaan le li. Chitragupt- Iss ko waqt se pehle kyon mara?
Yumraj: Kya karun, March end mein target jo pura karna tha.

? Sharabi eyes donate karne gaya, Counter Clerk asks: Kuch kehna chahte ho?
Sharabi: Jise lagao usse bata dena ye do peg ke baad khulti hain.

? A young man asks a kind priest: Father is it a sin to sleep with a girl?
Father: No my child but the problem is that u guys never sleep.

? Yaad mein tumhari mujhe loose motions lag gaye hain. Hain to ye aanso per lagta hai raata bhatak gaye hain.

? Can--t believe that after all the shit that--s happened between them, they are still together.
Ur bums.

Osama to Big B: How are you??
Big B: Bas Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. And you?
Osama: Bas Kabhi Gola Kabhi Bum.

? Look at the ocean & see God--s abundance! Look at the sky & see God--s glory! Look at the moon & see God--s wonder! Look at the mirror & see God--s Blunder!

? Q: What do you call a fat lady waiting for a bus?
A: A Moti-vaiting.

? Sharab Ek Bimari hai jo pure samaj ko khatam kar deti hai. To aao milkar is bimari ko khatam karen. Ek bottle tum khatam karo ek bottle hum khatam karen.

? Y does Waheeda Rehman never changes her saree in the film GUIDE?
Coz Dev Anand says: O mere humrahi, meri baanh thame chalna, badle duniya SARI, tum na badalna.

? Gujju lover: Darling mere kaan me kuch halka sa, kuch narm sa, Kuch namkin sa, Kuch mitha sa kaho!
Premika: Dhokla.

? Luk at the world as 1 big chocolate cake. It would never b complete without few sweets n nuts. Sweet like ME & nut like U.

? Be careful when a guy tells u that he lov

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Nasir Alam

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